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MEVEDIR is a one of the leading companies to place environmentally sound agricultural practices with its pioneering efforts in Sikkim. MEVEDIR is a partnership firm established in 2003. It is an associate company of SIBin Group Private Limited (SGPL). Since its inception, MEVEDIR has been implementing agro-based projects on Commercial Agriculture with a focus on Organic Farming Practices. MEVEDIR is currently engaged in designing, execution and monitoring of diverse agro-based projects, under its own fold.


MEVEDIR firmly believes in conserving the fragile Himalayan farming ecosystem through environmentally friendly farm practices. In order to fulfill this objective, Mevedir is committed to play a pivotal role in taking the knowledge and technology in organic farm practices to the farming society.

• Farmer play an important role in conservation of the Himalayan ecosystem
• Create farm based opportunities for the present and future generation
• Ensure sustainable farm practices by adopting appropriate technologies
• Ensure profitable ‘fair-trade’ practices at all levels.


Vartoh a wellness resource outlet bringing the farm to the consumer and creating a platform for people to connect looking for a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to also support the certified farmers and help them to establish sustainable organic value chain supply from the farms of Sikkim.


From select farms located in pristine mountain environment Vartoh sources certified organic spices, cereals, vegetables and other wild harvest produces which are known for their purity and quality. Vartoh is directly involved with its agriculture stakeholders in production, post-harvest handling, processing, packaging, labeling and marketing.


Vartoh in Lepcha language means Environment.Lepchas are the indigenous people of Sikkim who worship Mt.Khangchendzonga.It is the third highest peak of the world and it is in the Himalayas. 

Mt. Khangchendzonga is located in Sikkim and is considered the guardian deity of Sikkim. Sikkim is the first certified state in the world which has won national and international accolades.


Vartoh products are produced in an Organic Environment from the Himalayas – safe for humans.Vartoh branded products are from Sikkim Himalayas, the only organic state in India.Organic products are safe for human consumption, proved to be nutritious with no pesticides and chemicals, it has plenty anti oxidants which keeps the human body safe from contamination.


Therefore VARTOH denotes Organic . Environment. Khangchendzonga .Himalayas.Sikkim.Certified State.Safe for Human consumption.


Certification Agency

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